Roxbury Presbyterian Church



A trustee is the steward and caretaker of resources, acting in trust on behalf of the congregation. The church’s trustees oversee and maintain the church finances and property to assure that it adequately supports the purpose and vision of RPC and the Presbyterian Church USA.

The Trustee Ministry of Roxbury Presbyterian Church (RPC) is incorporated in the State of Massachusetts. As such they are to assure that the corporation is managed in accordance with State laws and regulations.

The Trustee Ministry is accountable to the The Council and the congregation and is such, at minimum:

• A Trustee should be a member in good standing spiritually seeking the Lord and displaying Christ-centered living; and is financially responsible in giving of tithes and offering.

• A Trustee shall have a commitment to prayer that will insure ongoing prayer for the Trustee team and for RPC.

• A Trustee shall have strong administration and organizational gifts, and the ability to complete assignments well.


The Trustee Ministry shall consist of 12 members. The Ministry elects a Chairperson and Secretary at the beginning of each year. A member shall be elected to serve for a term of three (3) years and not more than (6) consecutive years (or two consecutive terms). Additionally, other positions associated with the Trustee Ministry are:

Financial (Recording) Secretary:
• Maintains records of all contributions made by members, regular attendees, friends, etc.
• Issues quarterly reports of contributions

Church Treasurer (Assistant Treasurer):
• Maintains and reconciles records of all RPC accounts
• Handles the recordkeeping for all income and disbursements
• Issues monthly reports to the Trustee Ministry of all income and disbursements transactions
• Provides monthly and/or quarterly ministry reports